Chair for Bioinformatics I12 /

Lehrstuhl fčr Bioinformatik I12


Technische UniversitŐt Mčnchen

Boltzmannstr. 3

85748 Garching


Mail:               richter(at)

Phone:           +49 89 289 19438

Fax:                +49 89 289 19414

Room:                       01.09.041










09/12- today

Senior scientist at the chair for bioinformatics (Prof. Burkhard  Rost)


04/10- 09/12

Secretary oft the Munich Bioinformatics Program, associated scientist with the chair for bioinformatics (Prof. Burkhard Rost)



Academic head of the financial office at the Institut fčr Informatik, TU Mčnchen, associated with the chair for bioinformatics (Prof. Stefan Kramer)



Research scientist at the chair for bioinformatics TU Mčnchen, Machine Learning and Data Mining in Bioinformatics Group (Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer)


Research scientist at the chair for micorbiology, TU Mčnchen, Molecular Phylogeny, Group Dr. Ludwig



Research Scientist at BioteCon Diagnostics GmbH, Berlin, Division Research and Development of DNA-based diagnostic systems







Research Interests


Inductive Databases

Predictive Toxicology

Data Mining in medical data

Prediction of mutation effects





Lecture: Einfčhrung in die Programmierung fčr Bioinformatiker. Winter terms 13/14, 09/10,  08/09, 07/08, 06/07, 05/06, 04/05.


Lab Course: Masterpraktikum: Data Mining. Summer terms 14, 13, 11, 10, 09.


Lab Course: Masterpraktikum Bioinformatik. Summer term 14, 13


Lab Course: Programmierpraktium Bioinformatik. Winter terms 09/10, 08/09, 07/08, 06/07, 05/06, 04/05, 03/04


Seminar Bioinformatics: Summer/Winter terms 14, 13/14,12,11, 10/11, 10, 09/10, 08/09, 07/08, 04/05, 03/04

Proseminar Bioinformatics: Summer/Winter term 11, 09, 07, 05/06, 05, 04





Programming experience in  Java, C, C++, Prolog, Perl, Shell

Installation and Administration of various Linux distribution: SuSE, Ubuntu, Gentoo


Database design and implementation (MySQL,PostgreSQL)





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