Bioinformatics Resources



Lecture (3 SWS) + Exercises (2 SWS)




Lothar Richter 


Friday, 9:00 - 12:00 (lecture)
Monday: 14.00 -16.00 (exercise)
Friday: 13.00 -15.00 (exercise)


Lecture: Friday: MI 00.13.009A
Exercise: Friday MI 01.09.014
Exercise: Monday MI 01.07.23


Jul, 22nd, Interimsh├Ârsaal 2 (5620.01.102), 15.00-17.00 (changed)

Post-exam review: Sept. 25th, 10am

Make-up: Oct. 9th




There is  no new sheet and no exercise on July 10th and July 13th. All students registered for the exam are admitted based on their exercise performance. The slot on July 17th will be mostly a Q&A session.

There will be no new exercise sheet on July 3rd about PredictProtein and Aquaria. The exercise will take place and cover the tasks from last week.

Because of the 4th semester information event the exercise on Jun 19th starts at 2pm

Lecture and exercise on Friday, May 15th, cancelled

First Lecture on 17.4.2015

No exercise on Monday, May 4th.

No exercise on Monday, May 18th.

No exercise on Monday, May 25th.

No exercise on Monday, June 8th.

No exercise on Friday, July 10th.

No exercise on Monday, July 13th.

Examen: preliminary set

Lecture and Exercise on June 5th cancelled



  1. Apr 17th Intro (Video)
  2. Apr 24th Genbank (VideoExercise Sheet
  3. May 8th Swiss-Prot (VideoExercise Sheet 2
  4. May 22nd PDB (VideoExercise Sheet 3
  5. May 29nd SQL (VideoExercise Sheet 4 Download
  6. June 12th SQL (Video) Exercise
  7. Jun2 19th NoSQL (Video) Exercise cat breeds dataset
  8. Jun 26th NoSQL (Video) Exercise
  9. Jul 3rd PredictProtein Aquaria no video available
  10. Jul 10th Evaluation & Rest Web Services