Data Mining Lab Course SoSe2022



Master Lab Course 10 P, IN2106/IN4066




Dr. Lothar Richter


weekly meeting of 2 hours, time slot: Wednesday 1-3 pm.


Seminarraum Taurus 1 im Galileo (8120.EG.002) or online depending on the Covid situation




Kick-off meeting takes place on May 4th at 1 pm in Seminarraum Taurus 1 im Galileo (8120.EG.002). Participants have been informed by email.

Apr. 20th Reassignment completed. No spots available anymore.

Apr. 18th Reassignment of unclaimed spots starts

Apr. 7-15th Confirmation of spots assigned by the matching process

Mar 2nd: Due to special request we increase the capacity to 20 seats

Feb 21st, 9pm: The matching preferences are uploaded. There were 262 requests in total. Good luck for everyone!

The pre-meeting is over now. (Feb. 2nd)
Pre-meeting slides added - Jan. 31st.
The pre-meeting will be held online on Feb 2nd 3-4 pm. Please join

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in data mining / machine learning is preferred, but not mandatory


Topics will include (but not be limited to):

  • Selection of interesting data sets
  • Representation of data and information
  • Feature extraction, feature construction, feature selection
  • Data cleaning, discretization
  • Descriptive data mining, finding patterns, clustering
  • Predictive data mining: Finding a prediction task
  • White / black box models
  • Prediction performancs

The emphasis is on getting hands-on experience in the use of data mining and machine learning techniques.


Course Wiki

Slides / Minitalks

Feb 2nd - Premeeting

May 4th - Kick-off Meeting