Bioinformatics Resources SoSe 2019



Lecture (3 SWS) + Exercises (2 SWS)




Lothar Richter 


Friday, 9:30 - 11:45 (lecture)
Friday: 13.15 -14.45 (exercise)


Lecture: Friday: MI 01.09.034
Exercise: Friday MI 01.09.034 starting May 10th 13.15 o'clock


Exam inspection and review: September, 10th, on appointment

Make-up on appointment

Change of room: The exam has been moved to MI Lecture Hall 2 / 00.04.011 (5604.EG.011)

31.7.2018, 10:30 - 12:00, please be on time, 90 minutes working time




As agreed with the students the lecture and the exercise on June 21st are cancelled.

Due to some technical issues during the week we extend the deadline of sheet 4 to  Monday, June 10th 9.30 am. Resubmissions are allowed.

Exercise 4, which contributes to the bonus is online. Deadline is June 6th before the lecture.

As agreed with the students lecture and exercise on May 31st are cancelled.

Exercise sheet 3 is now online. The graded exercise sheet 3a will be released next week.

The slides for PDB, May 17th are now online. The exercise sheet will follow.

Due to a delay in the provisioning of the slides about PDB the accompanying exercise sheet will also be delayed. The deadlines will be adjusted appropriately.



  1. Apr. 26th Introduction 
  2. May 3rd Genbank, Pipes & XML
  3. May 10th XML cont'd, Swissprot
  4. May 17th PDB
  5. May 24th CATH/SCOP, SQL
  6. Jun 7th SQL cont'd
  7. Jun 14th NoSQL MySQL & BioPython Demo Notebook E.coli sequences
  8. Jun 28th NoSQL2
  9. Jul 5th JavaScript
  10. Jul 12th Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 2nd Edition Chap1-9, for students this book is available as ebook:


Exercise sheets:

  1. Exercise_0 (May 6/10th)
  2. Exercise_1 (May 10/13th)
  3. Exercise_2 (May 17/20th)
  4. Exercise_3 (May 24th)
  5. Exercise_4 (June 6th, BONUS) Make sure to remove the newline from the URL given in the sheet.
  6. Exercise_5 (June 14th)
  7. Exercise_6 (June 28th)
  8. Exercise_7 (July 5th)
  9. Exercise_8 (July 12th)
  10. Exercise_9 (July 19th)