Bioinformatics Resources



Lecture (3 SWS) + Exercises (2 SWS)




Lothar Richter 


Friday, 9:30 - 11:45 (lecture)
Monday: 14.15 -15.45 (exercise)
Friday: 13.00 -14.30 (exercise)


Lecture: Friday: MI 00.13.009A
Exercise: Friday MI 01.09.014
Exercise: Monday MI 00.08.38


Make-up exam will be on Oct 12th. 10.30-12.00

Due to clashes the exam was moved 1 day earlier. Now:

Thursday, July, 28th, 10:30-12:00, MW1050




Grades will show up in TUMonline on Sep 14th. Registration for the make-up will be adjusted

As agreed upon with students on Friday the 20th, there will be no lecture or exercise on May 27th and 30th

No lecture on May 6th, Exercise takes place!



  1. Apr 22nd Intro (Video)
  2. Apr. 29th Genbank/NCBI (Video)
  3. May 13th Swissprot (Exam Date Updated!) (Video)
  4. May 20th PDB, Aquaria (Video)
  5. Jun 3rd CATH, SQL (Video)
  6. Jun 10th SQL2, NoSQL (Video)
  7. Jun 17th NoSQL2 (Video)
  8. Jun 24th MongoDB demo JavaScript Basics (Video)
  9. Jul 1st Node.js Applications (Video)
  10. Jul 8th PredictProtein (Video)


All jupyter notebooks are based on Python 2. Not everything in the notebook may be required for correctly solving the task. There are often different ways of approaching the problem which are equally valid. Notebooks are offered as additonal material to students that attended the exercises and were interested in the code. The notebooks are not a substitute for attending the exercise.

  1. Apr 22nd Exercise sheet 1 Jupyter notebook
  2. Apr 29th Exercise sheet 2 Jupyter notebook
  3. May 13th Exercise sheet 3
  4. May 23rd Exercise sheet 4 Jupyter notebook
  5. June 6th Exercise sheet 5
  6. June 13th Exercise sheet 6
  7. June 17th Exercise sheet 7 Cat_Breeds_Dataset
  8. June 24th Exercise sheet 8
  9. Jul 1th Exercise sheet 8th Template