Data Mining Lab Course SoSe 16



Master Lab Course 10 P, IN2106




Dr. Lothar Richter, Juan Miguel Cejuela


weekly meeting of 2 hours, time slot: Wednesday 13-15


FMI 01.09.034




Exception: The class on Wednesday, April 27th starts at 13.00 o'clock sharp and ends at 14.30 o'clock.

No available spots for the wait list anymore. There will be another class in winter.

Kick-off meeting: April 13th, 1pm, room: 01.09.034

Feb 18th: The spots are assigned. If you were not assigned a spot in the matching you can now subscribe to the waiting list. Typically some people drop out until the course starts.
To do so, send a mail with subject "dmlab wait list" to richter(at)

Premeeting: Wednesday 27th, 1pm, room 01.09.034

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in data mining / machine learning is preferred


Topics will include (but not be limited to):

  • Selection of interesting data sets
  • Representation of data and information
  • Feature extraction, feature construction, feature selection
  • Data cleaning, discretization
  • Descriptive data mining, finding patterns, clustering
  • Predictive data mining: Finding a prediction task
  • White / black box models
  • Prediction performancs

The emphasis is on getting hands-on experience in the use of data mining and machine learning techniques.

The wiki for the course could be reached via this link (


Jun 29th Hints for the final presenation Performance Measures

Apr 13th Kick-off Task for week 1

Jan 27th Pre-Meeting