The bioinformatics lab SS 2011

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This practical is a hands-on training that will make you successful in a Bioinformatic lab! This term we have a focus on virtual systems and Cloud Computing.

More details can be found at the website.

List of Ideas

We need 12-14 topics!

  1. Linux basics, shell scripts, command line tools
  2. Linux and virtual systems
  3. Amazon EC2
  4. Installing debian packages and running complex applications
  5. Build your own debian package
  6. User management
  7. Build your own Amazon AMI
  8. Databases and SQL - Amazon Simple DB
  9. Our goal: PP in the Cloud - Amazon EC2 and S3

AWS services supported in the grants include Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB, Amazon RDS, Amazon SQS, Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Cluster GPU Instances for Amazon EC2 are only available for grant recipients on a limited basis by written consent of the program administrator.


  1. date: 2011 / 05 / 02
  2. responsible: XXX
  3. topics: XXX
  4. links for preparation:

Programming Challenge

Hints and tips

Advanced challenge

Materials and methods

  • Session1_debriefing.pdf



  • slides.pdf
  • protocoll.pdf