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Rostlab-data is the Rostlab Bioinformatics Database and Post-processing solution. Debian Packages for installing Rostlab-data for your lab are currently in development.


Rostlab-data comes in multiple Debian packages that are (not yet) available from our Debian Repository:

  • librostlab-data-perl: Commonly used Perl Modules - all other packages depend on this
  • rostlab-data: Updating functionality
  • rostlab-data-statuspage: Render a HTML page for monitoring the status of your rostlab-data installation


From Official Debian Repositories:

  • perl, liblog4perl-perl, libwww-perl
  • wget, rsync, ncftp, tar
  • blast2, hmmer
  • libtemplate-perl (if you want to use rostlab-data-statuspage)

From Rostlab Debian Repository:

  • cd-hit


  • dssp - You will need to create your own package since the DSSP license terms prohibit us from redistributing our own package. Just make sure that the dssp binary is available from $PATH. If you have problems with packaging, you could ask us for help [1]

Running rostlab-data

rostlab-data will automatically set up cronjobs for updating databases on the 1st and 2nd of every month. Data will be located in /usr/share/rostlab-data/ by default. Edit /etc/rostlab-data/rostlab-data.conf to customize your installation.