Javascript Technology Seminar List of Selected Projects

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Project Description: During the summer semester of 2016 students of the JavaScript Technology seminar set out to answer a question that was asked by many: Which character is likely to be eliminated during the fifth season of the HBO hit show "Games of Thrones". The students developed applications that scour the web for data about the show and put together a website that reports which characters are most likely to die in the sixth season of the TV series. The project received a world-wide media attention with an estimated reach of 1.2 billion people. In the summer semester of 2019 a follow up project was run by the JavaScript seminar and received similar attention.

2016 Team

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Mentors:, Guy Yachdav, Christian Dallago, Tatyana Goldberg, Dmitrii Nechaev, Students: Kordian Bruck, Michael Legenc, Sohel Mahmud, Togi Dashnyam, Theodor Cheslerean Boghiu, Boris Idesman\, Georg Gar, Subburam Rajaram, Anna Sesselmann, Nicola De Socio, Thuy Tran, Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Julien Schmidt, Jonas Kaltenbach, Marcus Novotny, Camille Mainz, Santanu Mohanta, Dat Nguyen, Georgi Anastasov, Max Muth, Yasar Kücükkaya, Mina Zaki, Alexander Beischl, Maximilian Bandle, Tobias Piffrader, Florian Gareis, Oleksii Moroz, Cavid Salahov, Jonas Ebel, Emiliyana Kalinova, Ange Laure, Temzeung Kouemo

2019 Team

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Mentors:, Guy Yachdav, Christian Dallago, Students: Ashmin Bhattarai, Fabian Emilius, David Schemm, Gerald Mahlknecht, Daniel Homola,Julian Nalenz, Valentin Dimov, Robert Dillitz, Lukas Franke, Robin Brase, Rainier Klopper, Taylor Lei, Jan Schweizer, Boning Li, Florian Donhauser