How to Run the PredictProtein Machine Image on Amazon EC2

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This procedure assumes that:

  1. This procedure assumes that you have an Amazon Web Services account, if you don't have one, create an AWS account.

Using the PredictProtein Machine Image

  1. Login into your AWS Managment Console
  2. Click on "Launch Instance"
  3. Select the tab from "Community AMIs"
  4. Search for the following id: ami-39db0f50
  5. Click on "select"
  6. Select the desired parameters in the wizard
  7. You have to login with the user ubuntu instead of root, so your connection string should look like this:
    ssh -i xxx.pem
  8. When you connect the first time, you will see the license agreements (step over them with the space bar)
  9. After the login you will find usage examples in the manual pages referenced there, e.g.:
    • man predictprotein
    • man snapfun