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Mar 27 - Oberseminar: Johannes Söding

Leveraging evolutionary information for protein structure and function production

More than 10 years after the human genome project, we still know only a fraction of the structures and functions of human proteins. My lab develops methods for very sensitive sequence search and alignment methods that are based on the pairwise comparison of sequence profiles. Such methods have led to remarkable improvements in protein structure and function prediction over the last 10 years.

Mar 06 - Oberseminar: Frank Wallrapp

Last Presentation at Rostlab & Farewell + cookies

Feb 06 - Oberseminar: Michael Bernhofer

MSc thesis presentation: Transmembrane Helix Prediction in Proteins

Talk Nov 14

Louise Funke and the TUM iGEM team from TUM

PhyscoFilter - Clean different.

Talk Nov 12

Chiara Zecchin from the Department of  Bioengineering, University of Padova

Online prediction of glucose concentration in type 1 diabetes by neural networks



Featured Article: Scientists investigate the functional diversity of proteins

Yana Bromberg, Peter C. Kahn and Burkhard Rost : Wide range of differences, mostly unseen, among humans

05.09.2013,  Research news

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